Shane has worked for RENAC on a number of online (eLearning) courses over the past two years. Communication is always pleasant and friendly, and his work is always thorough. His capacity for judgment and appropriate interpretation exceeded our expectations, and he voluntarily did more than defined by contract in order to enhance the quality of the final product. We are grateful to be able to continue working with him.

Charlene Rossler, Project Manager, Renewables Academy (RENAC)

Editing Services

Developmental editing

Developmental or structural editing involves upstream assessment and corrections to ensure the work, whether an essay or book-length manuscript, is designed with everything needed to give a reader the whole picture. A developmental editor looks for gaps, assumptions, excessive explanations, orphaned concepts, unwanted surprises. Interventions at this stage can include reordering, revising, cutting, or expanding the text.

A developmental editor can be very effective where they have in-depth knowledge of the field or industry. The role also requires they take a naive view to reflect the audience's level of understanding and educational needs. A developmental edit may become a long iterative process, but it should offer valuable improvements well before problems become embedded in a document's structure.

Line editing

Line editing entails aspects of stylistic and traditional copy editing. It focuses on the sentence, and phrase, the author's tone, the use of cliches and anachronisms, formality, and consistency. It also usually involves attending to house style, grammar, spelling and word choice, and referencing. Line editing brings a document close to publication - ready for submission to a publishing platform (where final proofreading may follow).

I have helped prepare and finish a variety of publication forms - from academic manuscripts to short articles and websites - while most often staying focused on themes of energy, environment, and the future.

I am quite comfortable editing texts from ESL authors, and enjoy the challenge of working with translation tools to help authors reach new audiences. I am not, however, a qualified translator.


My higher hourly rates (below) apply on small and short-term projects, while the lower rates apply to longer-term contracts and engagements. A sample edit can help establish expectations for all parties, so feel free to forward a few pages of your work to Shane at radicleworks dot ca.

Developmental editing: CDN $70-100/hr

Line editing: CDN $60-90/hr

Shane has supported our work with his professional skills on many occasions. He is not only driven by his high professional standards, but also by his commitment to making the world a better place. That together makes him a very valued partner.

Stefan Gsanger, Chair of the World Wind Energy Association, Bonn. Germany

Within every contract, we were more than satisfied with the quality and results received from Shane. He always delivers on time, and is transparent regarding his estimated and actual working hours. He is flexible, open to new tasks & challenges, and has a broad understanding of a complex set of topics related to renewable energy.

Roman Buss, Project Director, Renewables Academy (RENAC)